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Patient Portal Migration / FAQ & INSTRUCTIONS

What is happening with the ENT Associates patient portal?  

On November 29th, Greenway Health, the company ENT Associates uses for Electronic Medical Records, will begin migrating our patient portal database to a new, enhanced storage platform regarded to be its most secure. The update will bring our portal system into compliance with the 21st Century Cures Act requiring multi-factor authentication (MFA) during login, making access to your private health information as secure as possible.

Is this data migration optional for ENT Associates?

No.  This migration is mandatory for all Greenway Health practices and required for compliance with the 21st Century Cures Act.

Who will be affected?

Only ENT Associates patients with an existing portal account will be affected.

What will patients with portal accounts be asked to do?

As part of the process, all ENTA patients with existing “My Health Record” portal accounts will be required to login to verify their identity and that the migration was successful. Certain account holders may need update additional information for which a PIN is supplied (see Step-by-Step instructions), and, if necessary, make modifications to the account email if it is shared by another portal user.

What part of the step-by-step process may be the most confusing?

Patients should pay particular attention to the email being used for their account.

With this new version of the patient portal, shared emails will no longer be allowed for adults.  Emails will need to be unique to every patient. The only exception will be for minor patients.  If this aspect of the migration doesn’t affect you, the update / verification process will be that much easier.

Example: Two spouses are both patients. Both have portal accounts that were established using the same email address. During this migration, one spouse may opt to continue using the previously established email. The other spouse, however, will need to create and enter a new, unique email address to complete the process for themselves.


Go to the “My Health Record” Homepage and login to update your account – CLICK HERE

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