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Xoran Minicat CT Scanners

What is the Xoran MiniCAT™?


The Xoran MiniCAT™ is a compact, upright volume computed tomography system designed for high-resolution bone window imaging of the sinuses, temporal bones and skull base. We order these scans frequently to help diagnose your ear or sinus problems, but also for potential surgical planning should your sinus or ear problem not resolve with the typical medications.

There are numerous, advantages of our Xoran MiniCAT™ CT Scanner compared to conventional CT scanners:

  • The MiniCAT™ has a lower radiation dose than conventional (full body) CT scanners.
  • It allows patients to sit upright in an open design, minimizing claustrophobia.
  • The process only takes 40 seconds to complete.
  • Immediate imaging allows our physicians to review them promptly for a faster diagnoses..

Click here to learn more about the Xoran MiniCAT™.

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