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Endoscopic Skull Base & Orbital Surgery

What is Endoscopic Skull Base & Orbital Surgery?

Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery is a highly specialized, minimally invasive surgical technique for evaluating, diagnosing and treating benign or cancerous growths located on the underside of the brain, the base of the skull and the upper vertebrae of the spinal column. It can also be advantageous in repairing spinal fluid leaks, congenital anomalies and malformations.

Skull base surgeons use special instruments, including an endoscope, inserted through the skull’s natural openings (e.g. nose, mouth and above the eyes) to operate rather than accessing the brain through a craniotomy (surgical opening of the skull).

Thanks in large part to modern technology, this procedure generally does not require large incisions or long hospitalization. Today, physicians can perform the surgery in a minimally invasive fashion, with shorter hospitalization, and without visible scars on the face or scalp.

Endoscopic Orbital Surgery employs the same techniques for accessing the orbit (eye socket) without making external cuts.

How is Endoscopic Skull Base & Orbital Surgery Done?

surgery-photo Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery is a minimally invasive approach that uses the nose and sinus cavities to remove tumors and lesions in difficult to reach areas at the skull base. This procedure makes it possible for physicians to operate on areas that were either once deemed inoperable or requiring a craniotomy or large incision on the face, without disturbing the face or skull.

Endoscopic Orbital Surgery uses the same techniques to access disease or tumors of the orbit, while avoiding large incisions on the face and around the eyes.

During the procedure, an endoscopic skull base surgeon works along-side neurosurgeons, oculoplastic surgeons and other specialists as needed. This combination of specialties ensures the best care possible for patients.

Conditions Addressed

Patients undergoing skull base and orbital surgery have typically been diagnosed with one of the following:

Benefits of Endoscopic Skull Base & Orbital Surgery

  • Less invasive than traditional methods
  • Less post-op pain
  • Less risk of infection
  • Less risk of damage to cerebral structures and nerves
  • Increased visibility for surgeons
  • No visible scarring on the face or scalp
  • Faster recovery time

The Advanced Sinus Care & Skull Base Surgery at ENT Associates website is a web-based Center of Excellence … an immersive information hub created to familiarize patients with a host of advanced sinus and skull base conditions, treatment options, and our resident medical expert in interventional rhinology Dr. Matthew Clavenna.

Dr. Clavenna is a board-certified otolaryngologist and one of only a few fellowship-trained Rhinologists serving Pinellas County and the surrounding Tampa metro area. Fellowship trained Rhinologists are equipped with the advanced clinical acumen and surgical skills needed to successfully manage complex, advanced disorders of the nose and paranasal sinuses, and anterior skull base.

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