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Make A Payment

For your convenience, ENT Associates is delighted to provide direct access to our Phreesia system to help facilitate payments for services.
Click on the “Pay My Bill” button below to open a new window where you can securely enter and send your payment information.

Before you get started:

  • Be advised… anyone can use this system to facilitate a payment, but it MUST BE THE PATIENT’S INFORMATION that is entered on the first screen to guarantee that funds are directed to the appropriate account.
  • Where prompted, please use the patient’s first and last names as they appear on all ENT Associates paperwork. Our system may have trouble matching accounts otherwise.

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Request an appointment based on your preferred day, time, and office.

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Phone: 727-441-3588
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Hours of Business: 8:00AM - 5:00PM

Extended Hours:
St. Petersburg until 6:30PM (Tue Only)
Countryside until 6:30PM (Thu Only)

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