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Inspire® Therapy for Obstructive Sleep Apnea

No mask. No hose. Just sleep.

ENT Associates is proud to offer Inspire, the only FDA-approved implantable treatment for people with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) who cannot use Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) therapy. Unlike CPAP, it works from inside the body with the patient’s natural breathing process.

Dr. Mitchell B. Miller, Dr. Faisal Merchant, and Dr. Dipan Desai are three of the only area physicians to offer this innovative, safe, and effective procedure.

What is it & How Does it Work?

Inspire is an upper airway stimulation approach to sleep apnea that works inside the patient’s body. It involves a small implantable pacemaker-like device which stabilizes the throat while sleeping by providing gentle stimulation to throat muscles and allowing the airway to remain open during sleep.

The device gets implanted along the right side of the neck and chest wall during a two- to three-hour procedure under general anesthesia. After four weeks the device gets turned by the physician and patients use a small remote control to turn the device on at night and off in the morning when they wake up. The small sensor in the chest wall monitors the patient’s breathing and sends mild stimulation to the hypoglossal nerve to prevent the tongue from blocking the airway.

How well does it work?

The device battery lasts approximately ten to eleven years, after which it can be replaced during a brief outpatient surgery.

Who is a candidate?

Inspire therapy was FDA-approved in 2014 and is in use by over 10,000 patients worldwide. The therapy is specifically for patients who are:

  • Diagnosed with moderate to severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea
  • Unable to use or get benefit from CPAP
  • Not obese
  • Age 18+

The first step is to schedule a consultation with our trained physicians to evaluate your overall health status and perform an examination of your airway anatomy to determine if Inspire therapy might be a suitable alternative for you.

What to Expect

Learn more about the procedure, and what to expect by watching this short video.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Inspire therapy covered by insurance?

Inspire therapy is being reviewed and approved by insurance providers on a case-by-case basis. The Insurance Team at Inspire Medical Systems, your Inspire trained doctor and you will work as a team to gain insurance approval. 75% of people who submit for insurance approval get it and the procedure is not scheduled until it’s been approved.

Will Inspire therapy help with snoring?

Data from the STAR clinical trial showed that 86% of bed partners reported either no snoring or soft snoring by their partners using Inspire therapy after twelve months.

What does the stimulation feel like?

You should feel a mild sensation from the stimulation. Typically, patients feel a tingling sensation or mild contraction in their tongue muscles. The stimulation should not be painful or uncomfortable and the level is adjustable. Your Inspire therapy-trained doctor will make any adjustments as needed.

How long does the battery in Inspire therapy last?

The battery in Inspire therapy is designed to last for approximately 11 years. The battery cannot be recharged so once the battery runs out, you will need to have it replaced. This is a very common procedure with many implanted devices, including pacemakers.

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