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What is an ENT Doctor? How Can They Help?

An ENT doctor, or otolaryngologist, is a healthcare provider who treats many common ailments of the ear, nose, and throat. Many people don’t realize that an ENT can help them overcome uncomfortable allergy symptoms, achieve better quality sleep, address hearing problems, and more. 

Read on to learn about ENT doctors and how they can improve your overall wellness.  Continue Reading

A Beginner’s Guide to CPAP Machines

Snoring and sleep apnea are common, affecting tens of millions of people across the country. While they may seem like minor problems, they can severely affect your sleep quality and have far-reaching implications for your overall health.  Thankfully, CPAP machines are a safe, effective, and time-tested treatment for sleep apnea and snoring. While it can… Continue Reading

Common Causes of Nosebleeds

Most people have gotten a nosebleed a few (if not several) times throughout their lives. There are numerous possible causes for nosebleeds, and they rarely require medical attention. Nonetheless, knowing the most common causes of nosebleeds can help you avoid the discomfort and inconvenience they bring.  Continue Reading

The Effects of Sleep Apnea on The Body

A good night’s sleep is crucial to your mood and cognitive function throughout the day, not to mention your long-term health. But, common sleep disorders like sleep apnea can make it difficult, to say the least.  Nearly a billion of the world’s adults have sleep apnea, making it one of the most prevalent causes of… Continue Reading

What is Nasal Valve Collapse?

The nasal valve is a region on the tip of the nose through which air passes when you breathe. This valve can narrow or weaken, leading to a condition called “nasal valve collapse”. Making up the narrowest part of the airway, the nasal valve is prone to blockage. Any weakness of the valve can increase… Continue Reading

The Importance of Not Ignoring Your Goiter

Your thyroid gland is a critical component of your hormonal health. It’s a key contributor to your growth, development, and metabolism. So, as you age, paying attention to the health of your thyroid, including any abnormalities, is important.  One possible abnormality is a goiter. In this article, we’ll discuss why you shouldn’t ignore a goiter… Continue Reading

Can an Adult Need a Tonsillectomy?

Tonsil removal, also known as a tonsillectomy, is a common procedure among children. Tonsils are bundles of tissue located in the back of your throat. Their role is to protect your body from bacteria and viruses by trapping the germs before they enter the throat.  Tonsils are one of the first lines of defense against… Continue Reading

Signs You’re Losing Your Hearing

Undergoing some degree of hearing loss is common as we age. The process of hearing loss tends to be slow, making it difficult to detect early on. Additionally, many different factors can contribute to the development of partial or complete loss of hearing in one or both ears. Hearing loss can be difficult to endure,… Continue Reading

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