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Introducing Phreesia, THE New, Easy Way to Check In!

ENT Associates is always looking to enhance how our patients experience their appointments. So, we’re very excited to announce that we are introducing a new touch-pad technology that will eliminate our need for paper forms and vastly improve your check-in process!

Welcome to Phreesia!

Phreesia in the Office

Four Simple StepsPatients needing to complete and/or update registration forms in our office will now have access to a free-standing “Arrival Station” or a handheld PhreesiaPad (much like a tablet or iPad) to check in and register electronically. Phreesia is quick, user-friendly, and guides you through a step-by-step registration process in English or Spanish.

Using Phreesia, you will enter any/all required information, including demographics and insurance. Once you have entered the information for the first time, you will not be required to do so again. Click to submit, and the forms are sent electronically in seconds!

At future visits, you will only need to verify the information that you’d previously entered to ensure that it is current and to make any necessary edits.

Phreesia at Home and Mobile!

home tablet phoneAnd with Phreesia, you’ll now be able to check in remotely before you arrive. If we have your correct email address and cell phone number on file, you will receive alerts from us four (4) days before your scheduled visit.

Simply click on the link that’s sent, answer a few identifying questions, and you’ll be able to complete your registration from home on any smartphone, tablet, or computer. We encourage you to take advantage of this easy, convenient pre-visit check in option!


Whether you’re in our office or at home, once you have submitted your information, you will also be able to use Phreesia to securely pay any balance due or co-pay.

Privacy & Security

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. The Phreesia devices are secure and do not store any information. Instead, the information entered via Phreesia is transferred electronically to your Electronic Medical Record. All your personal information is safe-guarded.

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