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Maintaining Vocal Health

It’s easy to take your voice for granted. But, vocal health is essential to communication and paramount for singers. Singers who perform, teach, or simply sing for fun must conscientiously care for their vocal cords to prevent serious voice problems. 

Read on to learn more about maintaining lifelong vocal health.  

Vocal Health Tips

You can protect and maintain your vocal health with a few lifestyle adjustments. Here are our top tips:

  • Avoid talking or singing over high ambient sound levels, especially for prolonged periods. 
  • Avoid yelling or shouting
  • Quit smoking. Smoking dries out the vocal cord mucosa, causing inflammation and irritation. 
  • Limit coughing and clearing your throat whenever possible. 
  • Manage airborne allergens and irritants by using air filters. 
  • Warm up properly before singing. 
  • Optimize your environment with:
    • Controlled levels of ambient sound
    • Proper ventilation and humidity
  • Consider your diet. In excess, the following foods can negatively impact your vocal health:
    • Spicy foods, as the compound capsaicin found in chili peppers can trigger vocal cord inflammation
    • Acidic foods and drinks, as they can affect vocal fold hydration
    • Dairy, as it can cause acid reflux and excess throat mucus
    • Caffeine, as it can dehydrate your vocal folds
  • Keep the vocal tissues hydrated by:
    • Drinking plenty of water every day. 
    • Avoiding excessive alcohol consumption. 
    • Drinking warm, caffeine-free liquids after excessive vocal exertion. 

Voice and Swallowing Care in Tampa / St. Pete

If you’re struggling with a voice or swallowing disorder in the Tampa / St. Pete area, professional care can help alleviate your symptoms while preventing long-term complications. Dr. Parasher is a voice/swallowing laryngology expert in Largo and St. Petersburg who can provide the care you need. She offers specialized ENT care for spasmodic dysphonia, vocal tremor, paradoxical vocal fold motion/paralysis, intractable cough, and more. 

Schedule your appointment with our voice and swallowing laryngology expert in St. Petersburg or Largo today!

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