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Understanding Summer Sinus Problems

Struggling with sinus problems? You’re not alone. From a stuffy nose to facial pain to a loss of smell, sinus symptoms can be very uncomfortable. 

While many people associate sinus issues with springtime, they’re also prevalent during the summer. Read on to learn more about summer sinus problems and how you can achieve lasting relief. 

What Causes Summer Sinus Problems?

Several factors can trigger sinus problems during the summer months. Key causes include:

Summer Allergens

Many grasses and weeds that grow in Florida during summer can trigger allergy symptoms, including sinus inflammation. Ragweed, sorrel, and dock are common culprits, releasing pollen that travels through the air. Especially as you spend more time outdoors in the summer, you may experience sinus problems from a pollen allergy. 

Temperature Shifts

Hot, dry air in the summertime can thicken mucus. It can block the sinuses, causing congestion, facial pressure, and headaches. 

Additionally, summer storms can alter barometric pressure, which may cause sinus pain in some individuals. 


If water remains in the ear canal after swimming, it can cause an infection called swimmer’s ear. Particularly common in kids, swimmer’s ear can cause sinus inflammation. Swimmer’s ear is typically treated with antibiotic ear drops to kill the bacteria and clear the infection. 

Other Causes of Sinus Issues

Though unrelated to the summer season, sinus problems can also be caused by sinusitis and nasal polyps. 

  • Sinusitis is an infection or inflammation of the sinus cavity lining. It can be acute or chronic, and key causes include allergies, bacteria, and the common cold. 
  • Nasal polyps are soft, painless growths in the sinuses or nasal lining. They can be caused by chronic sinus inflammation and trigger symptoms including difficulty breathing, congestion, runny nose, snoring, coughing, and facial pain. 

When home remedies and over-the-counter medications fail to improve your summer sinus problems, visit our experts at ENT Associates. We can diagnose your symptoms and recommend an advanced treatment plan. Schedule your appointment today!

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