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What Is Nasal Valve Collapse and How Is It Treated?

You may have heard that nasal breathing has benefits over mouth breathing. This is because the nose can filter out allergens, humidify the air you breathe, and maximize your oxygen levels. 

But, for some, breathing through the nose may be difficult due to nasal obstruction. In these cases, people tend to breathe with their mouths, potentially leading to ill effects like bad breath or changes in your face structure. 

The most common causes of nasal obstruction are:

  • Nasal valve collapse (nasal valve stenosis)
  • Deviated septum
  • Turbinate enlargement

This article will discuss nasal valve collapse and how it can be treated. 

What is Nasal Valve Collapse?

To put it simply, nasal valve collapse is when the cartilage in the wall of the nose collapses inwards as you inhale. Weakness in the cartilage of the nose results from natural aging or trauma. Additionally, excess tissue, inflamed tissues, or scar tissue can also result in nasal valve collapse. 

The symptoms of nasal valve collapse include:

  • Difficulty inhaling during nasal breathing
  • Nasal congestion
  • Struggling to breathe during strenuous exercise 

Treatment Options for Nasal Valve Collapse

Conventionally, nasal valve collapse has been treated with cartilage grafts. This procedure is invasive and may change your facial appearance. 

The most recent innovation in treating nasal valve collapse is through LATERA. LATERA is an implant that’s placed in the nose to support the lateral wall and prevent collapse. With LATERA, our patients can improve their quality of breathing in an instant. 

Our patients that have chosen LATERA report experiencing less difficulty with breathing, reduced stuffiness, and improved concentration. Along with the several benefits of LATERA, its placement requires a short in-office visit without any invasive surgery. 

If you’ve been suffering from nasal obstruction, it’s essential to see a health professional to discuss your options. ENT Associates located in Florida offers LATERA treatment for their patients to provide immediate relief from nasal valve collapse. Contact us for an appointment!

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